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Can I recycle paper towels?

I found some information about
recycling paper towels on Mc Master University in Hamilton, Canada

The question is can I recycle tissues or napkins? 
The answer, no, you can't. The reason? Tissue, paper towel and napkins are all considered personal hygiene or clean-up products. Due to potential contamination, these products are not acceptable as recyclables.
The good news is you can shred and compost your own. Here is how you do it.
You will want to save just paper towels and napkins in a separate bag or container, and wearing gloves when you shred the paper is a good safety tip. Any bacteria or other critters will be broken down in the composting process so the end product is safe, and you conserve resources and get free mulch at the same time!

If you need more information about how to set up composting there is a complete how to here on the Hamilton county Tennessee website.

A Paper Towel-less Life

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A Paper Towel-less Life
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