Oh no I didnt....yes I did

I drink coffee almost everyday. And everyday I use a small brown coffee filter in my Melita single cup maker. This morning I realized that maybe my dingy hankies could have a use before they go into the cleaning rag pile? So I tried it. I folded my handkerchief into a square that I opened up and placed into the filter holder. I filled the cloth filter with coffee and poured boiling water to brew. It worked but not without some difficulty. After this test I realized that it would work better if I cut the hanky to the size of a paper filter and sew. One last thing and probably the worst. My coffee tasted like a dryer sheet! So make sure you wash and hang dry your hanky before brewing your coffee.

"What is the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull?--Lipstick"

I know some ladies would love to save a tree by using a handkerchief but are worried about staining their white hanky with red lipstick. Worry not. This problem was solved 68 years ago when these Lipstick hankies were designed. They were saving trees even back then.

Carrying small items?

Just say NO to paper or plastic. Here is a great way to contain small items using your handkerchief.