Bruce Levin and his Handkerchief from Japan

Bruce Levin a professor at CCA says he loves his handkerchief and is never without one! Thanks to one of my classmates named Andri I was notified immediately of a "hanky happening". I ran to the scene and it was CCAs very own Bruce Levin. He says he gets his handkerchiefs in Japan when he is there teaching. He also mentioned that the size of the square is larger and the quality of the cloth is very high. I did some research about handkerchiefs in Japan and found out that it is part of the culture to bring your own handkerchief to dry your hands in public bathrooms. Most establishments do not provide paper towels or forced air dryers. All of the information I found about traveling to Japan put handkerchiefs on their "list not to forget" when visiting. Here is a picture of Bruce and his handkerchief.

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